Conference Progr


  • Frontiers in Autoimmunity
  • (Satellite Conference of IUIS 2019)
  • 2019 October 17〡Nanjing, China
  • Conference Day One | Thursday 17th October 2019
  • Open Ceremony
  •   08:00-08:20
  •   Chairmen’s Opening Remarks
      Merrill E Gershwin,Professor, UC Davis Medical Center, USA
  •   08:20-09:00
  •   Merrill E Gershwin,Professor, UC Davis Medical Center, USA
      Title: The Gender Gap: Why do Women get Autoimmunity More than Men
  •   09:00-09:40
  •   Guangji Wang,China Pharmaceutical University. Member of China Engineering Academy
  • Coffee Break (20 minutes)
  •   10:00-10:40
  •   Gary S Gilkeson,Professor,Department of Rheumatology, University of South Carolina, USA
      Title: Immune effects of mesenchymal stem cell infusions in treatment refractory lupus patients
  •   10:40-11:20
  •   Zhanguo Li, Director,Department of Rheumatology, Peking University People's Hospital
      Title: Targeted therapy and immune homeostasis in systemic lupus erythematosus
  •   11:20-11:40
  •   Lilai Satellite Symposium
  • Lunch (12:00-13:30)
  •   13:30-14:10
  •   Jie Zhou,Professor,Tianjin Medical University
      Title: Critical role of follicular helper T cells (Tfh) in the prevention of colitis
  •   14:10-14:50
  •   Songguo Zheng, Director, Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
      Title: Similarity and Difference of nTreg and iTreg Cell Subsets in Autoimmune Diseases
  •   14:50-15:30
  •   Zhexiong Lian, Associate Dean, Institute of Life Sciences,
      South China University of Technology
      Title: Liver-resident NK cells suppress autoimmune cholangitis and limit the proliferation
      of CD4+ T cells
  • Coffee Break (20 minutes)
  •   15:50-16:30
  •   Kaichun Wu,Director, Department of Gastroenterology, Xijing Hospital
  •   16:30-17:10
  •   Zhigang Tian,Dean, College of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China.
      Member of China Engineering Academy
  • Dinner (18:00-19:30)